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The Robert Reynolds Band



Robert is a folk singer-songwriter from South-western Ontario, whose influences include artists such as Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Gordon Lightfoot, Cat Stevens and Joan Baez. The music is Classic Folk and the lyrics are intelligent,personal, and moving with a politically meaningful bite.

Robert began his musical career singing in the Church Choir and High School Glee Club.After graduating from University with a Masters Degree in English Literature, Robert moved to Toronto where he produced the music for the Ontario Tourism Television Commercials. In 1976 Robert moved to the National Capital Region where he formed a band, Fat Shadows, with musicians from across Canada. Robert has 1 album and 3 CD's with Fat Shadows. Their album, “Squeeze It Out” made Billboard’s“Recommended LP's List” in 1981.

Robert was also Lead Singer for “The Crowd” a 12 piece R&B show band from 1992-2008 during which time he played the Ottawa Blues Fest twice and the Limestone Blues Festival in Kingston.

In 2004 Robert began a new artistic and career direction with the Acoustic Act, Robert Reynolds& Friends. This new acoustic group proved to be the perfect vehicle for Robert’s musical style, both writing and performing.

Robert Reynolds& Friends first CD, “Bright Side”, creatively engineered by Nick Blagona at Psychotropic Studios in Toronto was released in the fall of 2004 followed by “Can’t Look Back” in2006, “About the Money” in 2008 and “Tomorrow Never Comes” in 2010, “Roll the Dice”. in 2011, "Nasty Weather" and "Diamond In the Rough" in 2012 and "Everything's Burnin" in 2013. Robert Reynolds & Friends wrapped up their 10 year run with the final 2 CDs "Right To Rage" and "Rebel Yell".

Robert has performed in the Coffeehouse, University and Bar Circuits across Ontario and throughout the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Over the years has performed at “The Bitter End”, “Rock and Roll Café” and “Kenny’s Castaways” in Greenwich Village, New York.

In 2015 The Robert Reynolds Band was formed from the remaining members of RR&F. The transition to a more versatile format and the addition of drummer John Rossi gives this band a new and exciting energy.




An accomplished drummer and percussionist who began his career in the mid 70s in Toronto where he met Robert and became one of the founding members of Fat Shadows. A rock drummer for the first 2 decades of his career Rossi became the drummer for The Crowd at its inception and later moved to congas. He was with Robert at the Ottawa Bluesfest and the Limestone Festival in Kingston. John brings a wealth of stage experience and a wide variety of styles and genres to his work with RR&F. He is able to capture the sublte rythyms and enhance the rich melodies of The Robert Reynolds Band.  John has developed a special stlye that is uniquely suited to Robert Reynolds original songs. 


Carole began her career in 2004 singing back-up vocals for Fat Shadows. The acoustic format gave Carole’s vocals greater importance and impact. Her unique sound and natural feel for harmony makes her vocal style the perfect dynamic complement for Robert’s vocals and she has begun singing lead vocals both solo and in duets with Robert. She is now carrying much of the lead vocal work for The Robert Reynolds Band. 




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